Helping children today,
preventing kids-at-risk tomorrow. So many children in our communities do not have the privilege of being raised by both parents. Growing up without a father can have a major impact on a child. Who will I learn with when I get home? Who will review and test me on the gemara I learned from Rebbe in class today? And most of all, who can I talk to man-to-man? These and many other worrying questions go through the mind of a child who is orphaned or witnessed his parents’ recent divorce battle.
 Yeoded emerged like water in a desert, providing these children with desperately needed tutors and mentors who provide them with a sense of equality among their peers. Now, children growing up without a father can have someone to learn with, someone to farhare them, someone to take them to shule and uvos ubonim and, in some cases, even someone to attend PTA for them. Most of all, they now have someone they can talk to. The rabbeim and menahalim of the mosdos with whom Yeoded has been working are happy and relieved that there's an organization out there helping and caring for these children. Yeoded was founded by Rabbi Lezer Lisauer, an esteemed individual and expert in the world of chinuch. Rabbi Lisauer saw this void, took the mission upon himself, and with the help of others, brought his idea to fruition. Today, Yeoded services the wide community of Boro Park/Kensington in Brooklyn NY and is slowly spreading its wings into Flatbush, Lakewood, Monsey and Williamsburg. Yeoded is a 501(c)(3) organization.
הרה"ג מרדכי זאב וואזנער שליט"א
רב דקהל מחזה אברהם הרה"צ רבי שרגא הגר שליט"א
כ"ק אדמו"ר מקאסוב
הרה"ג הרב לייביש לאנגער שליט"א
מנהל מוסד דרכי חיים - פאראקוועי

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